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Teams of two students are placed with a union or worker organization to work on projects that investigate job-related health and safety problems among workers, often of new immigrant groups, employed in an under-served or a high hazard job.

Projects are designed to maximize contact between workers and interns. Through this process, interns gain a better understanding of the complexity of the work environment from the workers’ perspective. At the same time, it empowers workers and strengthens their investigative and technical skills. As a relationship of trust is built between interns and workers, both gain a better understanding of the underlying political and economic forces that create job conditions.


Graduate and undergraduate students can apply; some stipends are restricted to US citizens. Non-U.S. citizens must supply documentation of permission to work in the U.S. Undergraduates must have completed two years of college (i.e. juniors and seniors only). Recent graduates cannot be out of school for more than six months prior to the start of OHIP (i.e. students are not eligible for summer 2021 if they graduated prior to December 2020).  In addition, we cannot offer positions to students who have doctorate degrees including those who have doctorate degrees and are now pursuing a graduate degree (i.e. MD or MBBS pursuing an MPH). See the Eligibility section of the FAQ Page  for more details.

OHIP seeks students with experience or interest in working with unions or social justice organizations, are organized and self-starting, have good team skills and ideally speak a second language of new immigrant workers: Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, etc. We encourage students from minority and recent immigrant groups to apply.

Orientation & Schedule

All interns are required to attend a 3-day Orientation in Los Angeles (2021 Dates TBD). The purpose of the Orientation is for interns to receive a general overview of OSH through a number of interactive educational sessions including: worksite tours, listening to a panel of workers who have sustained injuries or have encountered hazards on the job, discussing research strategies around OSH, and much more.


OHIP is a full time commitment and cannot be completed in combination with summer school or other outside activities. Interns are expected to be available for the entire OHIP summer, approximately 40 hours per week. Depending on the project, possible evening or weekend meetings may be necessary to accommodate workers’ schedules. Interns are encouraged to get involved in other activities of their assigned union/worker organization including: rallies, picnics, or special events.

Check-in meetings with the intern’s assigned Site Coordinator (academic mentor) will occur over the summer as well as periodic check-ins with other interns. Site Coordinators provide guidance to the interns and work with their assigned union/worker organization to ensure that each team receives support.

Internship Deliverables

At the end of the project, teams provide a “give back” product to the workers and their “host” union or worker organization, present their summer project at a NIOSH national web-conference, and produce a final report.

  • “Give Back” Product

    • Each team develops something useful to “give back” to the worker and their assigned union/worker organization to improve the work environment.

    • The “give back” product can be an educational resource (e.g. fact sheet, laminated wallet cards, posters, audio CDs, training materials), a training session to groups of workers, or a presentation or detailed report on the team’s findings and their recommendations to their union/worker organization.

  • National Web Conference

    • At the end of the summer, interns participate in a web-conference with NIOSH and other funding agencies, worksite supervisors, Board members, Site Coordinators, and supporters. Each team provides a PowerPoint presentation about their summer project.

  • Final Report

    • A final report that summarizes what each team did and learned during the summer is also required.



Undergraduate students receive a $4,000 stipend and graduate students receive a $5,200 stipend. See the General Questions section of the FAQ Page.

To Apply


Please read the Application Process sections of the FAQ Page and then apply here.

For application questions, email OHIP Administrative Coordinator Ingrid Denis at idenis@aoec.org or call 888-347-2632.

For general information on sites or potential projects, email National OHIP Coordinator, Sarah Jacobs at sjacobs@irle.ucla.edu.

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